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ESU makes a Stand

17th & 18th May: The Higher Education Ministerial Summit on the Bologna Process, held once every two years, was hosted by the London Ministry. ESU, a member of the Bologna Follow-Up Group,  was an active participant in the debates surrounding the implementation of the Bologna Process leading up to this summit.

The Berlin Communiqué released in March this year, outlined ESU’s priniciple demands to the Higher Education Ministers of the Bologna 47, and we are delighted to see that the outcomes of the Summit were largely in accordance to ESU’s requests – namely, the London Communiqué outlines that both the social and external dimension are the main priorities towards 2009.

ESU held a stand at the venue in order to advertise the recent name change as well as distribute the 3rd edition of Bologna With Student Eyes, published earlier this month. This publication is a result of a thorough survey of the implementation of the Bologna Process on a National level and outlines the problems clearly. The survey, which you can download from our website,  was clearly an eye opener to many participants and again outlines ESU’s important role as a major stakeholder in this process.

Koen Geven, ESU Chairperson, was asked to be amongst the speakers during the opening session of the Summit, and delivered an honest account of the Bologna Process, as seen by the students of Europe, of its’ pitfalls and successes.


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