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EQUIP: Discussing challenges and sharing good practice strategies

On 30-31 March 2017 (lunch to lunch), a focus group will be organised in the framework of the EQUIP (Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy & Practice) project, in Le Havre (France). The event, organised by the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education  (EURASHE), will focus on assessing the data collected on issues concerning the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015) and will explore ways in which these challenges could be diminished or solved.

According to the EURASHE website, the focus-group will address topics such as  challenges in meeting the expectations of the ESG 2015; different approaches to quality with the ESG and other tools and potential solutions with case examples.

Following  the event, the EQUIP project partners will “use the outcomes of the focus group to develop a study examining the implications of the introduction of the ESG 2015, innovative approaches to their implementation, and recommendations to individual stakeholder groups.”[1]

For participants’ requirements, contact information and other details, please check the EURASHE website.


For more information about the project, please consult the project page.


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