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Cease funding cuts on higher education

The government of Latvia is planning to reduce funding for higher education in 2010 by 51 per cent compared to the funding available a year ago – in December 2008. “These plans will seriously limit access to Higher Education and hinder economical, social and intellectual development of Latvia”, says Ligia Deca, Chairperson of ESU.

The text below is from a letter to the Latvian government.

The European Students’ Union strongly believes that properly funded Higher Education is the key to economic, social and intellectual development of any country, including Latvia. No more cuts in Higher Education funding are acceptable.

The European Students’ Union demands to cease any funding cuts to Higher Education and to restore proper funding for Higher Education and research in year 2010. This way the availability and quality of education in Latvia will be kept on a decent level.

The European Students’ Union supports the struggle of Latvian students for good quality Higher Education that is available to all and calls its members to take active part in the student demonstration of the 1st of the December in Latvia.

Support for the demonstration of the 1st of the December in Latvia and the student struggle has been expressed by representatives of the following countries:

  • Belgium (Flemish Union of Students)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Student Union of Republika Srpska)
  • Bulgaria (Union of Bulgarian Students)
  • Croatia (Croatian Student’s Council)
  • Cyprus (Pancyprian Federation of Student Unions)
  • Czech Republic (Student Chamber of the Council of Higher Education Institutions)
  • Denmark (Danish National Union of Students)
  • Estonia (Federation of Estonian Student Unions)
  • Finland (National Union of Students in Finland & Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applies Sciences)
  • France (Federation of General Students Associations in France)
  • Georgia (Students Organisation League of Georgia )
  • Iceland (Student Council of the University of Iceland)
  • Israel (National Union of Israeli Students)
  • Lithuania (Lithuanian National Union of Student Representations & Lithuanian National Union of Students)
  • Luxembourg (National Union of Students in Luxembourg)
  • Macedonia (National Student Union of Macedonia)
  • Malta (University Students’ Council)
  • Netherlands (Dutch National Students Association, Dutch National Union of Students)
  • Norway (National Union of Students in Norway & Norwegian Association of Students)
  • Poland (Students’ Parliament of Poland)
  • Portugal (Academic Forum for Information and External Information in Portugal)
  • Romania (National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania)
  • Serbia (Student Union of Serbia)
  • Slovakia (University Student Council of the Slovak Republic)
  • Slovenia (Slovene Student Union)
  • Spain (Coordination of Student Representatives of Public Universities)
  • Sweden (Swedish National Union of Students)
  • Ukraine (Ukrainian Association of Student Self-government)
  • United Kingdom (National Union of Students of the United Kingdom)


Ligia Deca,

Chairperson of the European Students’ Union


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