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BizMOOC first free course: Learning with MOOCs for Professional Development

As co-creators of the course, the European Students’ Union is pleased to announce the release of the first of three MOOCs aimed at businesses.

Learning with MOOCs for Professional Development is a four-week, self-paced course developed to enable people looking for work, thinking about a career change or students finishing their studies to assess their learning, appreciate their skills and plan next steps. This course could be useful for your students, clients or colleagues; helping them build their confidence, develop their digital skills and find online resources suitable for their own needs.

BizMOOC, a 3-year ERASMUS+ funded project, is working to enable businesses, universities and employers to utilise the potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs). You can find research into current use, perceptions and collaboration on MOOCs across Europe in the MOOCBOOK.

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About the course Learning with MOOCs for Professional Development
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