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ANOSR Updates – projects, campaigns and requests

  • The National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania and The National School Students’ Council demanded the Romanian Government to move from  simple announcements to real action, assuming the approval of an ambitious  calendar through which a group of experts and representative stake-holders, including student representatives, would draft a new law of education, so that, by  the end of this year, the guidelines resulting from the “Educated Romania” project,  in which ANOSR was involved, will be approved by Parliament and enacted. 
  • ANOSR submitted to the Ministry of Education its position on the Methodology on  resolving complaints regarding non-compliance with quality or professional ethics  standards, including on the existence of plagiarism. ANOSR demanded the Ministry  of Education to drop any proposals that would harm the fight against plagiarism.  
  • ANOSR, in cooperation with the Bucharest Law Students Association and the Iași Law Students Association express their firm criticism on the huge rise of the  registration fee for the magistracy admission organised by the Superior Council of  the Magistracy.  
  • In the context of the budget rectification, ANOSR criticized the way the Government chooses to manage public funds – proving, again, that the random  allocation of funds, contrary to principles and public statements and after arbitrary  interests, is a way of so-called planning still found in the Romanian administration. 
  • Between 11th and 20th of August 2021, ANOSR organized the 15th edition of the  Forum of Student Organisations in Romania (FOSR), which took place in Baia Mare.  FOSR is the largest student event in Romania, bringing together students from all  over the country annually to establish the priorities and approaches of the student  movement. This year, taking into account the limitations imposed by the pandemic  context, almost 300 student leaders analyzed the events that marked higher  education at national and local level and build the vision that will guide ANOSR in  the next period. In addition to establishing the strategy, approaches and demands  of the federation, the Forum included, among others, over 20 training sessions.  Martin Hammerbauer, ESU`s Executive Committee member, also participated at the  event and presented ESU`s functioning, vision and priorities for the next period,  that is why we want to thank him for all the support offered and the information  given! 
  • Lastly, a new team took over the leadership of the federation for next year,  assuming to carry on the history of the student movement in Romania! We present,  thus, the team that will fight student rights in Romania in the 2021-2022 mandate: 


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