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ANOSR: Students lobby for better integration of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in HE

The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) expresses dissatisfaction about not including any measure that includes specific actions related to the integration of young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in higher education in “The Integrated Package to combat poverty” launched by the Romanian Government.

Education is a fundamental right of every citizen and should be treated as a national priority, and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds should benefit from additional support for accessing and completing university programs, in order to ensure an equitable education system accessible to all. Thus, ANOSR proposes to introduce in this package new measures so as to ensure that young people in the categories mentioned above have a chance at an university education appropriate and adapted to their needs:

  • Summer Universities for High school Students – national program of career guidance for high school students that helps them make a responsible choice of academic program for their future
  • Seats for undergraduate and master study programs financed from the state budget granted to young people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Accommodation, meals, clothing, footwear, study materials and counseling and career guidance provided free of charge, monthly, for students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, throughout the their entire bachelor and master studies
  • Connecting high school students and students from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to the information society through the program Euro 200
  • Increasing the quality of school education in rural areas by reviving the system of scholarships granted to students living in rural areas

For each of these proposals, ANOSR has transmitted arguments in their support and a series of concrete steps that should be taken in order to make them operational.

For more details, please visit ANOSR’s website .


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