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SiS Catalyst

This ambitious SiS Catalyst project seeks to identify how children can become change agents in science and society, and from that starting point, to indicate how they can become catalysts in longterm solutions to great challenges faced by society – their future. The project contextualises this idea in global, European, national, regional and local arenas. The Action Plan involves refined case studies of replicable and scalable SiS Catalyst activities for children with an associated pan-European benchmarking and mutual agreement process, that provide vehicles for strategic and political alignment, as well as shared assessment tools. More information can be found on the website of Sis Catalyst

The European Students’ Union is a proud partner of the SiS Catalyst project, and has among else contributed to an internship framework for students that are interested to work on children’s engagement in the project’s activities. ESU has actively promoted the project since it started to its member unions and students. Following is a list of articles that ESU has published about the project.

A second call for SiS Catalyst internships prepared (28.03.2013)

Children as societal actors for a sustainable future (01.04.2014)

Internship programme launched for the SiS Catalyst project (31.01.2013)Participants of the SiS Catalyst conference in Vienna, Austria, November 2014.

Up to five traineeships to be offered (29.06.2013)

ESU mobilizes efforts on the social dimension (28.08.2014)

SiS Catalyst from the students’ perspective (04.10.2011)

SiS Catalyst project wants access to education for all (23.06.2011)

SiS Catalyst at the finishing line (29.09.2014)

Three interns selected for the SiS Catalyst project (30.09.2013)

No one left behind: Initiative inspired by SiS Catalyst (23.10.2014)

Beginning of the last round of internships with the SiS Catalyst SiS Catalyst organises various activities in order to reach its goal.project (22.07.2014)

ESU on the frontline of creation of children’s universities (01.03.2011)

Overview of ESU’s partnership projects in 2013 (28.01.2014)



Advertisements published for internships

Internship positions funded by the SiS Catalyst project (19.03.2013)

Internship opportunities in Ethiopia and the USA (28.10.2013)

Internship opportunities in Montana, USA (15.01.2014)

Apply for a SiS Catalyst internship before 10 September (30.08.2013)

ESU has also participated in all events organised by the project’s team, and contributed to discussions on how children can be incorporated in social and scientific activities. In November 2014, more than 200 experts from 40 countries gathered in Vienna, Austria, called “Visionary or Fantasy? Creating Open Spaces for Science Communication and Social Inclusion.” You can read more about the event in the November edition of SiS Catalyst here.



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