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General Information:
The new EUROGRADUATE study will prepare the ground for a European monitoring of higher education graduates. It will start out from the current disparate situation of different research designs, methods and organisations, which collect and analyse such data.
EUROGRADUATE is a project funded by EACEA ERASMUS programme and stared in October 2013.

The project aims to develop a method of overcoming the gaps through the joint action of countries and data providers in order to provide national and international policy  makers, higher education institutions, the labour market, students and researchers with data  urgently required.

Expected Results:
It is expected that the collected data will help to evaluate, monitor and compare the success of higher education graduates, measure the effects of policies and assess the attainment of benchmarks and goals.

Coordinator: DZHW-German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies (Germany),
Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in Austria,
European Policy Centre (EPC) in the Czech Republic,
European Students’ Union (ESU), Belgium.

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