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#WeStudyAtHome – a podcast series by the NextEducation research group

With Corona influencing many European students and their study situation the podcast series WeStudy@Home goes European now. Studying during Corona is a reality throughout the whole of Europe. And having found ways to deal with the initial challenges, students and teachers all over Europe begin to ask what are the learnings from COVID-19 for learning and teaching and how can we carry over the innovating while going back to the good from before

The members of the NextEducation research group around Prof. Dr. Ulf-Daniel Ehlers, Professor for Education Management and Lifelong Learning at the DHBW Karlsruhe, want to engage students into conversations about their views and best ideas on the time beyond Corona. How will teaching and learning look like, what will take away, what are lessons learned? 

We are collaborating with them and some of our National Unions have been already interviewed. The first episode is about Romania with ANOSR.  It is planned to release one episode every two weeks.

The podcasts are produced professionally and made available at Europe’s largest podcast platforms like Spotify, Anchor and here.


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