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Support Afghan students!

European students and the global community are witnessing the recent developments in Afghanistan and the humanitarian crisis in the country.  The European Students’ Union issues a statement calling for the suspension of repatriations to Afghanistan, providing safe passages to at-risk Afghans and providing scholarships for Afghan refugees, asylum seekers and persecuted students still in the country to allow them to complete their higher education studies within the European Higher Education Area. ESU joined Scholars At Risk and other 70 organisations and Higher Education Institutions all over Europe in calling urgent measures to the EU institutions and European governments.

The situation on the ground is dire, and any help can be useful. Here is a list of information that might be useful:

  • Students At Risk is a programme aimed at supporting politically persecuted students to continue studying in safe countries. Students At Risk programmes are available in Norway and Germany;
  • SAR is collecting information on Higher Education Institutions that would be interested in hosting Afghan scholars and practitioners. The survey is primarily aimed at SAR member HEIs, but should you know that in your HEIs there is this interest, you can forward that form;
  • SAR is gathering several resources for at-risk individuals in Afghanistan (including information on visas and opportunities for scholarships), as well as a list of organisations that offer studying opportunities for Afghan students: you might consider disseminating it.
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has developed a platform to find accredited higher education academic or scholarship programmes verified by UNHCR to pursue advanced study, skills and professional development.’

ESU is available to support you with any actions and empower your ideas on how to help Afghan students and their communities.


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