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The European Students’ Union reacts to Students strike for Action on Climate Change

The European Students ́Union (ESU) strongly believes that education and sustainability go hand in hand, and therefore ESU’s policy is aligned with the focus of these strikes. As stated in our latest resolution on climate change (read full version here), European decision-makers need to strive to build a more sustainable society. ESU is terrified to see that instead of standing by the deadline of 2030 set by the Paris Declaration, the EU seems to have unambitiously postponed reaching their goals to 2050. We are also disappointed, that within the areas the EU has highlighted as essential to achieving a climate-neutral economy, education is not mentioned at all. Education is both a catalyst for research and innovation, as well as a precondition of access to social rights and fairness. Both furthering climate change awareness and empowering citizens to stand together against climate change can be achieved through formal, non-formal and informal education.

ESU is glad to see students standing up for democracy and the environment. Students represent both the present and the future generations, and therefore it is crucial that we act as catalysts for change, particularly on these topics, in times when the decision-making authorities seem to be postponing their importance and urgency.


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