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Students against cuts on educational systems

The Danish government has recently announced cuts on the educational system, equivalent to 1.16 billion € spread over the next four years. The cuts concern both the higher education and the upper secondary education, which have already faced huge cuts in the past years. Some of the educations are lacking serious funding, which has lead to only a minimum of classes during a week.

Based on those cuts, 30 different student unions, upper secondary student unions and trade unions have formed an alliance directly translated as “The Educational Alliance” in an attempt to stop the cuts. The alliance has already announced demonstrations in the two biggest cities, and will for the next three weeks make a lot of actions in the streets, write debate-articles and discuss the consequences with the Danish people.

What we have heard until now from teachers and principals is that teachers will be fired, there will be less classes, less feedback, less study trips, less help with homework, etc. A lot of consequences, which all would seriously damage the quality of all of our educational systems.

Unfortunately, those cuts are only seen in Denmark during those years. In most of the European countries, students face serious cuts on their educational system in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The politicians make the students – the future of our countries – pay for the damages made by “too-big-to-fail-banks”, big corporations and naive politicians. Instead of making us pay, why not invest even more in our educations, giving knowledge to all of the young people and raising the standard of living for our generation?  

The educational system is one of the most important things in a society. This is where we teach the youth how to act in society, where we educate people to think in a critical way and where we are able to shape our future. Without the educational system, we would never move forward in achieving a better and wealthier world.

Our proposals for the politicians throughout Europe;

Stop the cuts on our educational systems!
Raise the quality of our educations!
Invest in the future!


Action Critical School Students (AKS)

The Union of Danish Upper Secondary School Student Unions (DGS)
National Union of Students in Denmark (DSF)
The National Federation of Business Students in Denmark (LH)
The National Organization of Pedagogical Social Education Students (PLS)
The Danish Association of Social Work Students (SDS)
The Danish Organization of VET Students (EEO)
The Danish Union of Teacher Students (LL)
Danish Nursing Student Association (SLS)

and 25 other trade unions and NGO’s.

Federation of French-speaking Students in Belgium (FEF)

Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Association of Secondary School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASuBIH)

Estonian School Student Councils Union (ESCU)
Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL)

European Students’ Union (ESU)
Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU)

The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland (SLL)
National Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI)
Swedish-speaking School-Student Union of Finland (FSS)
Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK)
National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)

Uníon Nationale Lycéenne (UNL)
National Union of Students in France (UNEF)

freier zusammenschluss von studentInnenschaften (fzs)

Samband Íslenskra Framhaldsskólanema (SÍF)

Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU)

Lithuanian National Union of Students (LSS)

National Union of Students from Luxembourg (UNEL/NUSL)

National Union of Students in Norway (NSO)
Elevorganisasjonen (SSUN)

The National Secondary School Students’ Council of Romania (CNE)
Romániai Magyar Középiskolások Szövetsége (MAKOSZ)
The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR)

Union of Secondary School Students of Serbia (UNSS)
Student Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS)

Slovak School Student Union (SUS)

School Students Organization of Slovenia (DOS)

National Union of Students in Spain (CREUP)

The Swedish National Union of Students (SFS)
Sweden’s Student Council (SVEA)

National Union of Students in Switzerland (VSS-UNES-USU)

National Union of Students (NUS-UK)


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