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Student-centred learning is ESU’s main priority in 2010

“European students want a more holistic approach to learning. We should look beyond teaching methods and stress aspects such as financial and logistical support”, says Ligia Deca, Chairperson of the European Students’ Union. At the 57th Board Meeting in Krakow, ESU adopted a plan of work titled “Towards True Student-Centred Learning”.

“Student-centred learning entails a paradigm shift from teaching objectives to the learning experience and outcomes. We will underline the importance of student financial and logistical support, quality of studies, freedom for mobility, and other aspects of education”, says Deca.

Some of the main priorities and activities that ESU’s members adopted in the Plan of Work for 2010:

  • ESU will further develop the quality assurance component of its higher education experts pool. In the autumn of 2010, ESU will organise a seminar on quality assurance.
  • ESU will develop and promote the social dimension and strategies for widening participation as integrated and vital part in the quality assurance process.
  • In April 2010, ESU will help in coordinating a European wide “Action week” against budget cuts in higher education, by providing content and communication support and raising the profile of national actions against budget cuts.
  • ESU will push for adoption of the “20 per cent mobile students by 2020” benchmark also on the European Union level, and establish a common set of mobility principles together with other stakeholders.


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