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SFS: Swedish students closer to better welfare!

For many years the Swedish National Union of Students’, SFS has called attention to the negative effects Sweden’s current health care system has on students. The system’s large sum of qualification days (30 days compared to a working individual’s single day), and also lack of rehabilitation opportunities and responsibility has led to students dropping out of their studies, getting financial difficulties, and also having a harder time recovering. SFS has worked through campaigns, opinion pieces in media, and several referral responses to different governmental investigations concerning health care systems. The Swedish student movement’s long term work on improving the health care system for students now finally seems to come to a conclusion that will improve the welfare of Swedish students.

The Swedish government has finally announced that it will develop the health care system for students. They will introduce the possibility for students to be on sick leave part time, and look into the amount of qualification days that are required to be eligible for paid sick leave. Furthermore, they will analyse what types of rehabilitation students need
and clarify who should be responsible for such rehabilitation. However, the proposed changes are all in some way connected to the students within the grant and loan system. We will continue our work towards a system that is not linked to the financial aid for studies, in order to insure that all students, no matter if they have financial aid or not, are guaranteed the same security and health care.

SFS will now track the governmental investigation to ensure that changes will actually take effect and that the final legislation will meet the needs of the students. We hope the planned efforts will provide a lasting change to insure good health care for Swedish students. Finally, we might see a change.


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