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QA Students experts ready to change the game in Ukraine

During 2018,  there has been significant progress in the development of the National Quality Assurance (QA) System in Ukraine. In order to make a contribution to the QA institutions and culture in the country, the Ukrainian Association of Students (UAS) undertook to integrate pro-active students into the National student QA Pool.

UAS held two training sessions for approximately fifty students with only 30 people of these 50 passing the selection process after evaluating the knowledge gained.

As a result, they have formed a team of well-prepared student experts, who were taught by professionals and experts, representatives of the public sector and government agencies in the field of higher education in Ukraine.

The program covered various topics, such as the culture of quality in higher education, relevant legislation and European standards and guidelines for quality assurance of higher education. With the goal of enhancing the quality of higher education, they aspire to cooperate with the newly formed National Agency for Quality Assurance of Higher Education of Ukraine.

Starting from February 2019, UAS is organising a set of regional training events for students across the country in order to disseminate the knowledge and ideas and to engage more students in the QA activities in Ukraine.

Together with professionals from the field of education, higher education policy institutions and experts, the UAS student QA pool is ready to change higher education in Ukraine for the better.


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