BM86: Resolution on Establishing Enhanced Relations  between the European Union and Armenia 

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The European Students’ Union (ESU) with the Armenian National Students’ Association (ANSA), expresses its support for the strengthening of economic, political, and educational ties between the European Union and Armenia. The Armenian government is actively pursuing comprehensive reforms aimed at fostering a governance system that is more transparent, accountable, and robustly committed to modernization. These reforms are characterized by a strengthened rule of law, anti-corruption measures, and the enhancement of the independence and efficiency of educational institutions, all while upholding the principles of democracy, fundamental freedoms, and human and minority rights. 

These reforms are profoundly beneficial for the youth and student populations in Armenia, laying a solid foundation for the improvement of educational policies and governance structures. This leads to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness within the educational sector and aligns Armenian educational standards with those of the EU, ensuring comparability and compatibility. 

Historically, students have been the force in democracy, regional development, and European values. In this context, ANSA is dedicated to boosting student participation in higher education and active societal engagement; the ESU supports ANSA in these efforts. Additionally, the ESU advocates for student-led activism and reforms and is committed to further integrating Armenia into European youth programs. These initiatives are crucial for upholding democratic values, the rule of law, and recognized international human rights. 

Strengthening collaboration between the EU and Armenia across economic, cultural, social, educational, and scientific spheres will foster enhanced people-to people communication. This, in turn, will facilitate a deeper integration of the Armenian community into the European environment. To advance this integration, we advocate for increased political and economic support to promote greater people-to people communication, encouraging the EU to initiate the visa facilitation process. This initiative will result in tangible benefits for representatives from academic and educational spheres, providing them with expanded opportunities. Visa facilitation will particularly empower Armenian students, granting them invaluable access to study abroad, experience diverse educational systems, and immerse themselves in new cultures. Such experiences promise to elevate the quality of education to meet international standards and allow Armenian students and young researchers to participate in global research projects. This not only fosters a favorable environment to student growth and potential realization but also nurtures socio economic empowerment, enhancing independence among youth. 

The ESU aligns with the call of the European Parliament in supporting the ongoing reforms in Armenia, recognizing their potential to not only improve the well being of Armenia’s youth but also to contribute to a sustainable regional environment. We call upon the EHEA and the international community to support the establishment of a long-term partnership between the EU and Armenia, which is essential for Armenia’s continuous efforts to implement reforms, strengthen democracy and the rule of law. 

We also emphasize the critical role of the youth and student communities in building civil society and advancing democratic processes. We advocate for the active involvement of Armenian students in the Eastern Partnership policy-making processes as a means to foster good neighborly relations in the South Caucasus. Through this resolution, the ESU and its member organizations are committed to supporting and promoting these initiatives, recognizing the transformative impact they can have on the regional and international stage.


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