BM85: Resolution on free menstrual products for students in Faroese Higher Education Institutions

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The European Students’ Union calls for the Faroese government and the University of the Faroe Islands to provide free menstrual products for students!

Providing free menstrual products for students in educational facilities is necessary for students’ well-being, as much as soap and toilet paper is necessary for students attending HEIs. There might be students that have not brought menstrual products with them to school, and this could then directly impact their studies, as they would have to go home or to a store to buy menstrual products, while also potentially missing some classes while doing so. A basic need such as menstrual products is a basic need for students, and should not affect their studies whatsoever. There are examples of other universities in Europe that provide free menstrual products for their students, for example Lund University and universities throughout Scotland. Therefore, there is a precedent for this, that HEIs should follow. Furthermore there has been shown support from the university board and the local student union for the faroese university(RTL). 

By having free menstrual products provided for students, then the faroese Higher Educational Institutions in the Faroe Islands would send a signal that they respect and give space to students and their basic needs. There is also no expectation for students to bring i.e. toilet paper to school, as this is already provided for by the university.

By providing this service, the HEIs would also break taboos and stigmatization around menstruation, and can encourage students and people in the Faroese society to talk more openly about menstruation. HEIs, be it in the Faroe Islands or elsewhere, have the societal responsibility to take care of their students and their basic needs as well, which can also help students to thrive more during their studies.

Therefore, the European Students’ Union:

  • Affirms the access for free menstrual products in Higher Education Institutions in the Faroe Islands
  • Calls on the government of the Faroe Islands and Faroese Higher Education Institutions to support students and their basic needs
  • Encourages other countries and Higher Education Institutions to provide free menstrual products to students, and to continue doing this, if they already do so.

Proposers: MFS

Seconders: fzs, ÖH, LÍS, UdU, ANOSR, NUS UK, FEF, SYL, LSVb, LSA


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