BM84: Supporting the system of subsidised student meals

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Slovenia has a unique system of providing healthy meals for students – a student
food subsidy, which every student can use in restaurants in the place of their HEI,
which guarantees them a healthy three-course meal for a minimal price every day.
This system also includes different dietary restrictions as well as preferences, as
students are free to choose the place as well as the time they would like to make use
of their subsidy – student subsidies are available around the country, every day until
10 PM. The system is under constant supervision, and student meals are highly
regulated and checked for their nutritional value, as well as quality.
ESU fully supports the efforts of ŠOS to preserve the system of subsidized student
meals as it exists, which the new on-campus canteen proposal completely abolishes.
The canteen system in an environment such as Slovenia represents a step
backwards in terms of the availability of student meals, as the offer of subsidized
food is reduced and the availability of at least one meal a day is abolished. Canteens
are often located in limited locations, have limited opening hours, and offer a limited
selection of food, which can pose problems for students with specific dietary needs or
preferences, as well as those with busy schedules or working outside of regular office
In addition, canteens may be limited by capacity and time, which may mean that
they cannot cater for all the students who need them. In doing so, however, the
aspect of providing healthy food is being neglected, as it is a universal right that
arises from the status of a student in Slovenia, and is not tied to the student’s social

Proposer: ŠOS, Slovenia


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