BM75: ESU stands against the increase of the tuition fees for international students in France

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BM75 Resolution: ESU stands against the increase of the tuition fees for international students in France

On the 19th of November, the French government made a public announcement and presented their new strategy, named «Bienvenu en France » (Welcome in France).

One of the policy aims, as stated in the strategy, is a substantial increase of tuition fees for non-EU international students:

  • The French government explain this choice by saying that there is a need to make french higher education more attractive while putting forward that the number of international students decreased by 8.8 % between 2010 and 2015.
  • For La FAGE the reason behind this decrease are issues connected to difficulties with obtaining a visa, the housing situation, getting a bank account and a genuine lack of accompaniment, but most certainly not the price of study.
  • As proposed in «Bienvenu en France », the French government is about to raise the tuition fees up to 2770 EUR for undergraduate and up to 3770 for graduate programs. That equals a 15 times increase to what students have to pay now.

The European Students’ Union defends the right to public and open education, accessible for everyone. The implementation of tuition fees, even just for one specific group of students is not acceptable. ESU wants to remind that education is an investment for the future and not solely an expense for a country. The strategy as proposed would reinforce social exclusion by preventing most international student – particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to come to France and pursue their education.

The student movement in France is strongly opposing the implementation of tuition fees for international students.  ESU supports the mobilisation of La FAGE and other French organisations, that will take place on Saturday the first of December in Paris and all over France.

Proposed by: FAGE
Seconded by: CREUP


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