BM69: Resolution to urge the Spanish candidates to support the Vote For Education Manifesto

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The Spanish citizenship is called to elect their next president on the 20th of December 2015, and CREUP, the National Union of Students of Spain, has developed the campaign ‘Vote for Education’ to call for all the candidates to commit with the Spanish Higher Education through signing a Manifesto created by a participative and transparent process conducted among all Spanish students.

We, the European students, believe in the empowerment of youth as a tool for them to decide on their own future and we strongly advocate for the role of students as an equal partner and stakeholder in the policy making within Higher Education.
Because of that, we are strongly supporting CREUP and the Spanish students’ movement, and we urge the candidates to support the Vote For Education Manifesto and explicitly commit with Education, the social dimension and the improvement of the Spanish Higher Education System.


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