BM 67 – ESU supports actions against the Akademikerball in Vienna

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ESU supports ÖH in its actions against the Akademikerball 2015, taking place in Vienna on the 30th of January 2015.

The Ball is the successor of the WKR Ball organised by Austrian extreme right wing fraternities who have a long tradition of anti-Semitism, sexism, racism and German nationalism. Many of them still believe in Austria as a part of Germany while some still consider demanding an Aryan Certificate for potential members.

For many years right wing extremists and right wing populists from all over Europe have been meeting in the Viennese Hofburg, which also houses the office of the Austrian president and is therefore a very representative building, to network and form alliances at the Akademikerball.

Moreover the proximity in time of this ball to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day can be seen as an additional provocation. Every year around that day we have to endure disfigurement of several monuments including one located just in front of the Hofburg Palace.

We cannot accept that this ball is taking place in such a prestigious building under the cover of an academic ball. Furthermore, it is a necessity in a democracy to stand up against fascist tendencies.

In addition, the use of the name Akademikerball for an event gathering right wing extremists associates academia with the opinions and ideology of the participants of the event and we consider the name of the event a strong abuse of the concept of academia.

That is why ESU supports ÖH in its fight against the Akademikerball in the Hofburg Palace.


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