BM 66 – Women in Leadership

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– Women’s underrepresentation is a systemic problem in politics and education. In countries across Europe and the world.

– The average percentage of women’s representation in national parliamentary bodies of states across Europe is 22% (2012) and the percentage of women professors in Europe is 18% (2013).

– In terms of local student union presidents, the proportion of women’s representation is only 20% in Ireland, and 33% in the United Kingdom (2014).

– Women’s representation is vital to women’s equality and to overcome the inequality and discrimination that women face in education and the wider society.

– NUS, USI and NUS USI have all made Women in Leadership an organisational priority for the first time and are working together to do this.

– ESU supports work on women in leadership at the European level and encourages NUSes that want to run Women in Leadership programmes to cooperate, to tackle women’s underrepresentation in student politics and decision-making bodies.


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