BM 66 – No limits to deductible expenses for obtaining higher education in Latvia

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The Latvian government must support and act upon recently proposed retentions in regulations Nr. 336 of the Cabinet of Ministers in order to enhance the accessibility of higher education in Latvia.

The amount used in the existing practice to repay expenses for public services is restricted. The repayable expenses are calculated according to limitations to deductible expenses defined by regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. The recently proposed legislative changes remove the current limitations to deductible expenses for obtaining higher education.

The European Students’ Union (ESU) and the Students’ Union of Latvia (LSA) believe this proposal is an important step towards publicly funded education and to make Latvian higher education more accessible. ESU calls upon authorities to adopt the proposal without the proposed transitional period, which intends to implement it gradually starting with PhD students, next year covering Master’s students and finally getting to first cycle studies.


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