BM 65 – Europe needs to fight back against the awaking Neo-Fascist/Neo-Nazis movements

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Nowadays we are witnessing the uprising of neo-Fascist and neo-Nazis movements all across Europe – in Greece, Italy, France and Ukraine. These movements are a great threat to the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom, tolerance and human rights, which Europe is based on. The current racist events, in light of the contemporary conservative political parties support for Fascist and Nazi ideas, are a concrete reminder that these ideas are still present in Europe. The economic crisis Europe in the past decade, along with the decline of solidarity ideals, created a framework for the uprising of political extremism. These neo-Fascist and neo-Nazi ideas have found a fertile ground in the minds of those who were deeply affected by the economic crisis
As the sole representatives of European students, the European Students’ Union (ESU) will keep advocating its tradition of tolerance, human rights and freedom all over Europe. ESU believes that the higher education arena should be the ground zero for democratic culture, anti-Fascism and anti-Nazism, cultural diversity, freedom, respect, equality, justice and solidarity in practice and not just as a window dressing activity. Therefore, ESU will lead the struggle against neo-Fascism and neo-Nazism by:

1.    Distributing educational (pro-tolerance / anti-Fascist / anti-Nazis) materials to students all around the world.
2.    Conducting an international student ‘tolerance / anti-racist day’.
3.    Calling for students’ rallies against specific Fascist / Nazis / racist events.

ESU believes that all European countries, institutes and citizens, as part of a democratic and diverse society, should stand up against the new risings of Fascist and Nazi ideas and act against them. Therefore, ESU calls on all European countries, institutions and individuals to take concrete actions in order to defend freedom and democracy all across Europe.

ESU should, alongside European countries, institutions and individuals, keep fighting for the fundamental rights of equality and freedom under the principle of all individuals, regardless of their gender, race, religious, cultural or ethnic background so that everyone enjoys the same human rights. It must be clearly stressed that ESU will continue to stand up against neo-Fascist and neo-Nazis movements and will guarantee the safety and freedom of all students and their communities all around Europe.


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