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Norwegian Unions Protest against new Pension Scheme

ESIB’s Norwegian members have taken to the streets regarding the pension system in Norway today. The government recently proposed that the citizens will receive a pension calculated according to the income amassed during their working lives. Under this new system, students will not receive pension points for the duration of their studies, meaning that those following a longer course of study will automatically be disadvantaged.

In Norway, the salaries for those with or without education are not so different – in fact this difference is far smaller than in most of the other OECD countries. Schoolteachers and nurses who must, of course, study in order to obtain the necessary qualifications will be on fairly low salaries and will not receive as high a pension as those who began work as soon as they left school.

ESIB members, StL and NSU, along with two trade unions, Unio and Akadermikerne, took to the streets on the 29th of January. The demonstration was a success, with over 200 people present demanding “pension points for students”. Negotiations about the new pension system began on the 31st of January.


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