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The Student Union of Latvia (LSA) was founded in 1994 by some enthusiastic students. The original purpose of the association was to pursue the abolishment of compulsory military service. Once this was achieved, the LSA set a new goal, which was to represent the interests of the students, both nationally and internationally. LSA represents a total of 76.000 students.

Since 1998, LSA has been a full member of the European Students’ Union, which is the umbrella organisation of national unions of students in Europe. LSA is also a member of the NOM (Nordic Organisational meeting) and BOM- (Baltic organisational meeting), which both are Nordic and Baltic student unions` cooperation networks to share experiences and support.

Mission and vision

The mission of the LSA is to represent Latvia’s students and to fight for the observance of their rights and interests at a national and international level.

LSA is a stable social partner of the Latvian government for representing the views and interests of students. LSA provides assistance to any student in Latvia and student self-governing bodies, ensuring equality and democratic participation in various issues related to universities.

The Student Union of Latvia:

1.    Contributes to the development and advancement of education and the cooperation of local unions of students of higher education institutions.
2.    Collaborates with organisations related to students and youth issues.
3.    Turns to enterprises, state officials, authorities, state and municipality institutions with requests, proposals and declarations in the name of the students in Latvia.
4.    Improves the quality of education and academic traditions, democracy and individual initiative, the self-esteem of students and development of personality, healthy life-style and mental health, civil integration of youth and participation in society.
5.    Nominates student representatives towards different authorities; etc.


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