Iceland – LÍS – National Union of Icelandic Students

Address: Borgartún 6, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Phone: +354 8668615



The National Union of Students in Iceland (LIS) is the umbrella organisation for all of the eight student unions in Iceland.

LIS was first and foremost established in order to become a conversational platform for the different student organisations and ensure that the student voice is united in Iceland. The establishment of LIS was a breakthrough in Iceland since cooperation between student unions had been minimal before. LIS aims to protect student rights, advocate and promote their social, economic and educational interests of Icelandic students in Iceland and abroad.

LIS is in charge of international affairs on behalf of the member organisations. LIS has is also responsible for student work in the quality assurance in the higher education school system and aims to harmonize quality standards in higher education institutes. The higher education system in Iceland is fairly young and the work on its structure is still underway. LIS’s role therefore is vital in order to support intitutions and the government in coordinating methods and actions.

The National Union of Students in Iceland It was established in 2013 in Akureyri. The founding members are:
The Student Council of the University of Iceland,
The Student Union of the University of Akureyri,
The Student Association of Reykjavik University,
The Student’s Union at the Agricultural University of Iceland,
The Student Association for Icelandic Students Abroad,
The Student Association of Iceland Academy of the Arts,
Student Body of Bifröst University and
The Student Association of Reykjavik University.

In the 2014,  the Student’s Council at Hólar University College formally joined LIS but before they had a limited participation right.

LIS is run by a board that consists of two representatives from each member organisation along with the chairperson and an international officer. The chairperson is neutral and is obligated to tend to every member’s interest. The representatives are nominated by each student organization and represent their organization for two years. One representative is nominated each year and therefore experience is
maintained within the NUS.

The roles within the board are decided in the beginning of each year. By law the board must choose a vice-chairperson, secretary and account manager. Other roles are optional.


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