Finland – SYL – National Union of University Students in Finland

Address: Lapinrinne 2, 00180 Helsinki FINLAND

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The National Union of University Students in Finland was founded in 1921. Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto, SYL for short, is an interest organisation defending and improving the educational, financial, and social benefits and rights of the students. In addition to being an interest organisation, SYL has strived to take a role of a socially influential organisation on a wider scale and an inspirer of debates. SYL has over 138 000 members in 17 universities (August 2013).

The main areas of work are education politics, social politics and international affairs. There are also various other areas of work such as employment, equality, development co-operation and environmental issues. SYL is today a leading student interest organisation in Finland.

SYL is widely recognised as an expert organisation in matters related to higher education, the opinion of SYL is heard in various official organs dealing with education. SYL is asked to make statements in a great variety of matters ranging from general housing and social welfare to study financing and student health. SYL takes actively stand on all questions concerning students and education.

SYL’s vision is to ensure a better tomorrow for students. We strive to actively participate in national debates about educational policies and students’ rights.


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