ANSA – Association of Norwegian Students Abroad

Address: ANSA, Storgata 19, 0184 Oslo, Norway

Phone: +47 22 47 76 00

Fax: + 47 22 42 50 22




ANSA – Association of Norwegian Students Abroad – is a non-profit and independent organisation voicing the interests of Norwegian students who study abroad. Our aim is to maintain and promote the educational, cultural, political and economic interests of Norwegian students abroad. Currently, more than 23 000 Norwegian students are studying abroad in over 90 countries.

ANSA’s volunteers: ANSA has over 600 volunteers who are students abroad. The volunteers arrange various events and represent ANSA where they study. Members and volunteers can apply for funds from ANSA to help organise various social and cultural events while studying abroad.

Student Adviser: If a student encounters problems during their studies abroad for example with their university, their insurance, Lånekassen etc. they can turn to ANSA’s Student Adviser for help and advice. Our student adviser’s main responsibility is to help students through various difficult situations.


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