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The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report calls for national education reports be made public

The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report launches a new campaign called #MakeitPublic calling on governments and regional organisations to make public reports to monitor countries’  progress on education. These reports have to include data on the government education expenditure and the status of the different commitments across all levels of education (paying special attention to the Sustainable Development Goals 4).

The campaign has been endorsed by the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee and is also looking for ‘country champions’ to become ambassadors within the regional levels.

The objective is to establish the production of national education monitoring reports as a regular, essential tool for the transparency and accountability of the governments on the progress of education.

These reports should be accessible to the citizens and easily available for consultation (i.e.: online platforms).

How to participate

The GEM Report is showing data on their webpage on which countries and regional organisations are producing education monitoring reports and making them available to the population.

  1. Endorse the campaign by:

a) Finding out whether and when your country produced a report

b) Writing and tweeting to your Minister of Education, show them this is important to you

c) Email your national education coalition to say you want to join them in making this a priority. For the contact details of your local education coalition visit

2. Help keep the campaign up to date: Use the online form to help to update the list of national education monitoring reports on the website to increase transparency and access to existing reports.


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