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European National Unions of Students Gathering in Paris

ESIB’s 51st Board Meeting took place in Paris, from November 30th – December 2nd and welcomed 120 members representing 43 national unions.

During the course of three intense days of discussion and debate, chaired by Angele Attard, former member of ESIB’s Commodification Committee, new policy papers were approved – these include the Student Perspective on the Lisbon Agenda , Doctoral Studies , Student-Centered Learning , Governance in Higher Education and Employability.

Elections took place and we are pleased to announce that the new Executive Committee 2007 will be composed of Anela Beso of SSU (Slovenia) , Bartlomiej Banaszak of PSRP (Poland) , Lara Lena Tischler of VSS-UNES-USU (Switzerland), Matthew Tabone of KSU (Malta), Maria Noleyrds of SFS (Sweden) and  Viorel Protesa of ANOSR (Romania). They will begin their eighteen-month mandate on the 1st of January.

The Commodification of Education Committee welcomes new members,  Stinna Gammelgaard of DSF (Denmark) and Stef Beek of LSVb (Netherlands). 2006 members Anthony Camilleri, Christine Scholz and Anita Liice were re-elected and will continue to represent ESIB for the next 18 months.

Finally, a new member has joined the Gender Equality Committee until December 2007, it’s  Lotta Ljungvist from SFS (Sweden).

The next Board Meeting will be held in London in May 2007.


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