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EÜL: Education innovation – development of learning and studying skills

On 15th-17th of April 2016 EÜL (The Federation of Estonian Student Union) will hold a meeting of the National Unions of Students of Nordic and Baltic Countries (NOM) in the university city of Estonia – Tartu. The main topic for the NOM meeting will be of quality teaching in Higher Education and students’ learning skills.

The NOM seminar will be divided into three parts. The first day will focus on developing teaching and learning skills, and on reflection as a support system for developing study skills.

Second day will continue with the student unions sharing their best practices of how teaching and studying skills are monitored, developed and what the current vision for further development is in their countries higher education institutions.

The last day will focus mainly on the official NOM meeting, where the nordic and baltic network will have working groups on policy paper amendments at  ESU 70’ Board Meeting in Bergen. As a warm-up for the last working day the member of the Executive Committee at ESU, Liva Vikmane, will hold a workshop about flexible learning as the way forward to address the needs of learner.

The added value of NOM Tartu meeting will be the formation of statement on a common challenges with foreign students rights.

NOM (Nordiskt Ordförande Møte) is a cooperating network consisting of the Nordic and Baltic national umbrella-organisations for students in higher education. NOM first convened in Aarhus, Denmark in 1946 and meets twice a year to discuss and work on common challenges for students.


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