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ESU team joins Mollina University on Youth and Development

Three project leaders from the ‘Together, Moving Forward’ small-grant programme joined ESU project manager and ESU human rights and solidarity coordinator at the University on Youth and Development organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in Mollina, Spain. The event brought together more than 200 youth activists from across Europe, Africa and Latin America, with a joint programme on the theme of Developing Global Identities. Through non-formal education workshops and debates, as well as networking activities and lots of enjoyable moments under the Andalusian sun, the participants shared common goals and concerns, sharing their ideas, fights, and actions to bring about a more equal world for all young people across the globe. A joint declaration for the 18th edition of the University was developed throughout the week, and presented during the final session.

For the first three days, we worked closely with the project leaders of OBESSU’s ‘Seeds for Integration’ programme, discussing best practices, issues of representation within the projects focusing on refugee and migrant inclusion in education, and exploring the importance of a human rights perspective for the two small-grant programmes. During the rest of the week, ESU team focused on collecting feedback on the programme so far and providing a hands-on, project-oriented brainstorming to ideate and set-up more efficient and relevant support structures for the continuation of the programme in 2018/2019.

Check out what happened at UYD 2017 on the GlobalYOUth facebook page


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