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ESIB candidate becomes the head of the YFJ

Last weekend 2 ESIB representatives attended the General Assembly of the EuropeanYouth Forum,  which was held on the 9-12 November in Vilnius , Lithuania. Besides adoption of the Strategic Priorities for the European-wide youth organization until 2012 and adoption of a Plan of Work and budget for 2007-2008, the Assembly elected new leadership of the organisation for the term of the following two years.

As a result of the elections Bettina Schwarzmayr (nominated by ESIB) was elected President of the Forum for 2007-2008. It is our pleasure to mention that before starting her career in YFJ Bettina fulfilled a term as ESIB Executive Committee 2003 member. In 2004 ESIB had nominated Bettina for the position of YFJ Vice-President which she held successfully for the past two years before deciding to run for the position as President of the Forum.

In her speech, Bettina noted that, “through times of genuine change in the European and global sphere, the Youth Forum – now 10 years old – has proved to be resilient and is building cooperation in the face of division.” She stressed to the delegates present that the YFJ, “must not be bystanders, but be actors at the forefront of social change,” adding that, “by virtue of its strength,and diverse membership and resources, the Youth Forum is a very privileged organisation, and this privilege places a large responsibility on the new leadership of the organisation.”

We congratulate Bettina and wish her all the best in her new position!


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