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ANOSR’s New Year Updates

  • The end of 2019 was marked by the ANOSR General Assembly meeting, held on December 14th-17th, in Timișoara. During these days, over 150 student representatives from all over the country analyzed the progress made from the beginning of the mandate and set its objectives and initiatives for the new year, discussing the most important topics on the national education agenda.

The student movement in Romania paid tribute to those who paid with their lives for the freedom of all Romanians. Organizing ANOSR’s General Assembly meeting in Timișoara, the place where the road to democracy started 30 years ago, was a powerful moment of reflection on the impact that the fight for rights has on the development of the society. We have the responsibility to continue to uphold a critical attitude towards any skids that could endanger the rule of law and at the same time to capitalize on these moments of peace and constructive dialogue.

  • The new year has begun with a Government Emergency Ordinance that would allow the National Intelligence Academy not to register its students within the Unique Database of University Students in Romania (RMUR), thus leading to lack of transparency, impossibility to verify diplomas authenticity and limiting students’ rights. ANOSR has drawn attention to this ordinance’s harmful provisions, detailed within the following press release. We are still waiting for a solution to the questions raised.


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