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Romanian students will attend compulsory courses on ethics and academic integrity

Following constant efforts by the National Alliance of Student Organizations from Romania (ANOSR), starting with the academic year 2018-2019, universities from Romania are required to include ethics and academic integrity courses in their curricula for all university education programs in the national education system. The Ministry of National Education has issued on 30 January 2017, an order requiring the introduction of compulsory courses on these topics at the level of master and doctoral study cycles. The courses become optional for undergraduate studies.

The initiative aims to provide students with real support in acquiring information and capacity to understand academic ethics, as well as to combat slippages from ethical norms in Romanian universities.

In this context, the Order complements the existing normative framework, which up to now provided only the mandatory evaluation of scientific papers in terms of university ethics, without having to acquire the required skills for the authors.

The Ministerial Order is issued in the context in which in recent years, in Romania, there have been many cases accusing a significant number of public figures of plagiarism. Many of these cases have been confirmed, including the case of a former Prime Minister.

ANOSR expressed the fact that this step should be accompanied by a curriculum model and course support, developed by a working group within the Ministry of National Education, including students’ representatives, in order to have a uniform application of the Minister’s Order. ANOSR has already developed a number of materials in this respect.

The National Alliance of Student Organizations from Romania has taken steps and has repeatedly called for a series of vigorous measures on this issue, of which:

– clarifying the provisions on how doctoral schools are functioning and evaluated;

– introducing extremely harsh sanctions for deviations regarding academic integrity;

– developing institutional mechanisms to prevent and detect plagiarism through educational


– creating an online platform including information on doctoral schools, as well as informative materials on plagiarism, academic writing, ethics and professional deontology in the university environment.

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