Magnus við Streym


Magnus við Streym


Magnus has completed a BA and an MA in History from the University of the Faroe Islands and University of Iceland respectively, and is currently taking a postgraduate diploma in Upper Secondary Teaching, also at the University of Iceland. Magnus has been active in student politics since 2019, where he joined the local union (Ráð teirra lesandi) of the University of the Faroe Islands and later got elected as a board member of the same university in 2020.

He then continued his trajectory in student politics by getting elected into the Faroese National Union of Students (MFS) in 2021, where he would eventually serve as president for a year. Magnus has throughout his student political career worked on internationalization, social issues that students face, and quality assurance in the Faroe Islands.

He later served a term in the executive committee of European Students’ Union, and, as the newly selected Equality Coordinator, he is currently working on the social dimension and equity within the student movement in Europe. He is also committed to LGBTQIA+ rights, reproductive rights and equality for all students, regardless of their background.


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