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Social Dimension

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We need to acknowledge that the situation hasn’t changed much from 2015. Despite the social dimension becoming recognised as an issue of crucial importance and one that is a core action point for  Bologna. then it must be clearly stated when there has not been prioritisation or relevant steps taken.

From the students’ answers it can be observed that there has been a small increment of public attention to the topic of the social dimension but no substantial measures put in place. After years of cuts to student support services and economic stagnation in EHEA countries, there is an increasing number of students who require financial help to succeed in their studies, and it is crucial that countries begin or reinstate substantial investment in student support services, in accordance with the views of students’ unions. Student representatives are the very people who can lead the way to effective and much-needed measures that meet the needs and expectations of students themselves, whose opinion is, after all, the most important one when seeking to make positive change.

It is also very important that Governments and higher education institutions start collecting data on underrepresented groups in order to tackle their inclusion.

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