Welcome to ESU’s QA Student Experts Pool

This page provides a collection of resources and training materials that enable members of the European Students’ Union (ESU) Student Experts Pool on Quality Assurance (QA) to carry out their duties, student representatives to participate in tasks relating to higher education quality, and students to improve their learning experiences.

It is often beneficial for staff members of organisations concerned with higher education quality to recognize students’ positions in these processes.

Listen, Talk and Team-Up
Considerations for panel members in external quality assurance

Conversation, investigation and presentation skills are essential for value-added and open discussions in external quality assurance (EQA) and for further promoting trust in, and enhancement and development of the related evaluation procedures. In this regard, reflections on attitude and behaviour are of high importance as the QA reviewers are responsible for the impact of their review activities. The different stakeholders represented on each panel must bring their own points of view, based on experience and knowledge to bear on the evaluation procedures while building on the views and interests of their peers.

The following considerations are a collection of topics and reflections with regard to communication and beyond – from looking at why effective communication is relevant in QA reviews across the different roles and expectations of involved parties to practical tips for building an inclusive and appreciative environment in remote reviews. This project aims to provide QA reviewers with reflections that are applicable and useful for all involved stakeholder groups from all levels of experience.

These notes are intended to promote the creation of a fruitful and constructive working environment, with the full engagement of all parties involved – both within the external expert panel and between the panel and the institution under evaluation.

They should provide you with an overview of the general communication during reviews, and can serve to establish a standardised approach to conducting the assessments in an online and offline format. Have a look and see which reflections and recommendations are useful for you.

For any questions or suggestions, reach out to us at qapoolsc@esu-online.org

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At this year’s edition of the INQAAHE conference termed “Re-Imagining of Higher Education Quality in an Age of Uncertainty” the ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool Steering Committee has presented the students’ perspective on the future of Quality Assurance.

During the poster presentation the Steering Committee, first, displayed the ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool as an example for structurally embedded student representation in Quality Assurance on the one hand, and as a platform for development, innovation and exchange on the other hand. Afterwards, the Steering Committee presented the students’ perspective on potential developments of QA in the upcoming years to work towards a vision on the future of Quality Assurance with a strong emphasis on student involvement. To gather data and directly involve the knowledge base of the ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool student experts they were consulted in both a qualitative and a quantitative way via a questionnaire and a digitally organized Think Tank.

Please have a closer look at the poster to learn more about the outcomes of the questionnaire and the Think Tank and how student experts from the ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool see the future of Quality Assurance. At this point the Steering Committee would like to thank all ESU Quality Assurance Student Experts Pool members that have contributed with their expertise and ideas for the future of QA from a students’ perspective in this project.

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The Pool of Student Experts in Quality Assurance is a group of well prepared and experienced student-experts who take part in quality assurance processes in Higher Education Institutions all over Europe.


Welcome to ESU’s QA Student Experts Pool

ESU’s Student Experts’ Pool on Quality Assurance is supported by a group of dedicated students –  the Steering Committee, who is responsible for launching calls for new members and overseeing the pool’s work.

The group consists of five individuals, out of which two are members of ESU’s Executive Committee. The other three are being selected annually from the pool members, with an internal call being issued by the end of January/beginning of February.

Please, contact the pool via qapoolsc@maciej-rewuckiesu-online-org

The following people have been elected for ESU’s
QA Steering Committee:

Horia Onița

Vice President

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Ana Gvritishvili

Executive Committee Member

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Pegi Pavletić

Steering Committee Member

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