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The Act on Higher Education from 1990, which first contained a national students’ organisation, stimulated the creation of a national student movement in Poland. The very first attempt was taken when the National Agreement Of Students’ Unions (OPSS) was established, which followed the footsteps in developing democracy in Poland.

The leaders of the organisation came from Cracow, Warsaw and Silesia. During the OPSS congress on 8 May 1995, delegates adopted a new statute and appointed new authorities for the organisation. This was when OPSS was transformed into the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland (PSRP).

From this point, the organisation dealt with a broad spectrum of things and was recognised not only in the academic society. The representatives influenced the political reality that resulted in numerous amendments favouring students.

Mission and vision

The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland mainly aims to develop a student society in every aspect of their lives. The core of our activity is to guard students’ rights granted by law, which we attempt to co-create to make the law favourable to students.

PSRP is actively engaged in developing a student community in every aspect of its existence. We aim to build a civil society by promoting and motivating a proactive attitude to life, particularly during an academic period. Our goal is to convince as many young people as possible all over the country of the good qualities of these goals because we believe that together we can make a difference.

The Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland is a widely structured organisation, which deals with the various problems that students face and actively participate in co-creating students’ lives within the reality of a common public higher education.

PSRP, together with all the students’ societies all over the country, effectively lobbies for provisions favourable to students. Appointed representatives are equal partners to negotiations on the national level.

The Students’ Council of PSRP acts as a medium of the students’ rights and duties and active students’ movement to strengthen our voice as students’ all over Poland.


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