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Future of the Bologna Process

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In a process craving new goals and commitments rather than implementation of already agreed ones, this chapter has presented the future of the Bologna process where more attention is given to implementation rather than new goals and commitments. The chapter demonstrates an understanding of the Bologna Process given a higher rate of priority for the EHEA members governments, the NUSes and the HEIs. That implementation and the quality of the implementation does not only correlate with the number of years a country has been a member of the EHEA nor if it is a former socialist state. The main challenges remain and more public finances are needed in order for implementation to happen. The implementation needs to be is of highest priority for the next period (2018-2020) followed by student centred learning (SCL) and social dimension  of higher education.

The National Unions of Students contributing to this part of the publication would like the process to proceed in one form or another after the Ministerial Conference 2018. Proceeding leaves the question of for how long the Bologna Process could or even should continue. No one has openly declared the new expiration date, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the upcoming period of 2018-2020 can be the last.  

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