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ESU needs your support to defend your student rights and freedoms, to keep our network and the Brussels office running. You can support us with a donation via bank transfer or through PayPal, here:

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Bank name and Branch: KBC Bank, Marnix
Bank Address: Marnixlaan 31, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
IBAN: BE39 7340 0650 9719


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Donation FAQ

1. If I donate to ESU, where does my money go?

Since its creation in 1982, the European Students’ Union has been defending and promoting student rights and freedoms.Throughout the years, ESU has witnessed many internal and external changes while continuously developing itself to what it is right now: a professional advocacy and capacity building organisation that is influential and recognised as an important stakeholder at the European and international level.

Our small Brussels office (see who we are here) is working on capacity building events, projects and partnerships, publications, as well as advocacy work to promote education as a human right. Big lobby groups in Brussels still have vastly more resources in order to influence EU policy making. Your money would contribute to restore the balance.

2. Can I make a donation via bank transfer?

Yes. ESU has a bank account at the KBC Bank, Marnix, Marnixlaan 31, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

IBAN: BE39 7340 0650 9719

3. What are ESU’s goals and key achievements?

We work hard to raise understanding and awareness of key issues. To this end, we produce free information and educational materials. Our newsletter, the Student Voice is a round-up of student rights news from across Europe. You can also check ESU’s annual reports if you want to learn more about what we do and how we work.

ESU is an international non-profit association (AISBL) under Belgium law. ESU was formerly known as ESIB – The National Unions of Students in Europe. ESU’s name and image are legally being used by ESU AISBL, BE0896.361.756, Rue de la Charité 22, 1 21 0 Bruxelles.

5. I don’t have much money, can I support ESU in a different manner?

Yes, you can distribute our articles, booklets and other material in your social networks, help with translations, contact your Parliamentarians and so on. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at to find out how to get involved.

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