Ronja Hesse



Ronja Hesse is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Students’ Union. Previously Ronja was active in the German National Student Union (fzs) where she amongst others held positions in the international committee and as a member of the presidency. In her six years in the student movement, she gathered experiences in various areas and in 2019/20 had the chance to be a member of the AG 1 on Social Dimension on behalf of the German Ministry of education. Ronja studies Law as well as an MA in Modern East Asian Studies in Frankfurt. 

Her main areas of work are: 

  • Social Dimension in the European Higher Education Area
  • Students Rights Charter
  • Inclusion of Marginalised, Disadvantaged and Vulnerable groups
  • Fundamental Values (Academic Freedom, Institutional Autonomy and Students’ Participation) within the framework of the EHEA/Bologna Process
  • Public responsibility and financing of Higher Education
  • Academic Freedom in Belarus
  • Academic Integrity 
  • Working Conditions in Higher Education Institutions 


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