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Spain – CREUP – Public Universities’ Students Union

CREUP is an umbrella organisation of 22 top student representative bodies -MOREs- (as Local Students’ Unions) from Spanish public universities. Through its members, CREUP represents over 730.000 students in Spain.

The Local Students’ Union members of CREUP are open to all students in their respective higher education Institutions regardless of political persuasion, religion, ethnic or cultural origin, sexual orientation or social standing. Our members are also student-run, autonomous, representative and operate according to democratic principles. The purposes for which the association was created, referred to in its Statute, are:

  • To ensure compliance with the rights and duties of students represented by the top student representative bodies (MOREs) members of the NUS as well as representing their interests at the state level and internationally.
  • Actively contribute to the creation of a student representative body at the state level, in which are taking part every student representatives of the State.
  • Coordinate the activities of the MOREs members in the state student council, as well as the various agencies and institutions of the state where they can participate.
  • Establish an effective system of communication and transmission of data between our members.
  • Study the problems at the state university, preparing proposals and reflect the opinion of the NUS.
  • Promote activities that encourage increased participation of students in the MOREs members in all areas of university life.
  • Promote the participation of MOREs members within the European Higher Education Area.
  • Be interlocutor of the students and actively participate in associations and international organizations on which CREUP is member, especially The European Students’ Union (ESU).
  • Those which, without prejudice to the provisions of these statutes, are allocated by agreement of the General Assembly.

The main ongoing activities of CREUP are:

  • The National Student Convention. The aims of this Fourth Convention are: to analyze, to discuss and to make appropriate conclusions on the establishment of the State Student Council and the Student Statute; a pilot debate between the future members of the Student Council of State; to study possible action lines which could be established from the Student Council of State; to create and disseminate the findings, if any, of all topics of interest are addressed in the meeting; and to exchange experiences, opinions and information between student’s representatives attending the meeting.
  • UniversiTour project, in partnership with the Platform for Volunteer of Spain (PVE) and the Foundation Cibervolunteers. It aims to increase awareness of the need for development and cooperation. The initiative has the support of the Ministries of Health, Social Policy and Equality of Education. It will start on February at the University of Cantabria with a conference on volunteerism that include various activities.
  • Study on student fees and funding. It aims to show the real current situation of the Spanish higher education system, the need or not of increasing the student fees as in other European countries and other ways of funding.
  • Others: as observatory for scholarships, trainings, Students’ unions development, etc.

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