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EDSU – European Deaf Students’ Union

The European Deaf Students’ Union (EDSU) exists primarily to represent the interests of deaf students from all across Europe. In keeping with the principle of access to education, the EDSU seek to bring just that to the deaf students in Europe, since there are many issues affecting the accessibility of the higher education deaf people receive.

Depending on the country, this may vary from deaf students receiving poor quality support in higher education affecting their education to an outright lack of access at all, meaning they have no chance to educate themselves at a higher level at all. We support national deaf students’ associations in Europe to continue pushing for better, and more equal access to higher education for all deaf students.

President: Inna Shparber 

General Secretary: Giuseppina Covino

Policy Officer & Media Officer: Cristian Cezar Dragulin 

Events-Manager: Vanessa Schügerl

Skype: EuropeanDeafStudentsUnion


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