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Bosnia & Herzegovina – SURS – Students’ Union Republic of Srpska

The Students’ Union Republic of Srpska is an umbrella student organization in Republic of Srpska. SURS was founded in 1999., and today it’s only legitimately and legally students’ body in our country. All universities in our country are members of SURS, both public and private. SURS is representing about 60 000 students in Republic of Srpska. SURS is strengthened by the Law on Higher Education and Law of a Students’ Union, on which students are particulary proud, because it’s lex specialis.

SURS is a full member of ESU (European Students’ Union), member of SEI (SouthEast Initiative) and MedNet (Mediterranean Network of Student’s Representatives) at the international level, and a member of Youth Council of Republic of Srpska and National Council of Higher Education, at the state level.

The main areas of work are education politics, social politics, international affairs and democratization of HE (which includes free access, participation of students in the decisions regarding them, adequate public financing, a reflexion about pedagogy and the quality of teaching in HE…).

Our headquarter is in Banja Luka, but we also have another office – Vuka Karadzica 30, 71 123 Istocno Sarajevo, +381 65 810 154.

President: Nemanja Babic
International officer: Vladimir Mlinarevic


After the destructive war in the early 90s and the breakdown of the SFR Yugoslavia, the student organisation was in utter chaos, as was the entire society. Four years after the war, the RS students managed to organise and established the main student organisation for the entire republic in 1999.

Since the beginning, SURS has been the catalyst of numerous progressive changes in higher education in the RS, cooperating with the government, thereby helping to create high-quality laws which directly or indirectly concern students and education.

During the 14 years that SURS has operated (August 2013), the union has participated in a huge number of projects and activities which have substantially contributed to the general welfare in student life, teaching quality and the elevation of student standards. The Republic of Srpska Student Union gathers and represents roughly 43 thousand students from the entire entity.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to work on improving students’ standard and higher education through various projects and programmes and also to work on improving conditions of education in Republic of Srpska, modeling European programmes of highest quality. SURS vision stands for a modern and prosperous society, based on knowledge and universal values.


  • +387 65 604 308
  • +387 51 335 500
  • Republic of Srpska, BiH; Majke Jugovica 1; 78 000 Banja Luka

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