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Financing of Higher Education

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After severe cuts to student support systems after the 2008 financial crisis, the first signs of progress and increase in funding are visible. However, a worrying trend of increasing or establishing tuition fees is still haunting the students of Europe. Despite repeated commitments by governments’ to provide affordable and sufficiently funded education that truly serves as a public and accessible good, there are still gaps in accessibility across Europe. Most worryingly, the students’ financial support systems do not seem to keep up with increasing living costs. This has resulted in an increasing amount of students seeking part- or full-time employment to support themselves during studies – this is not a sustainable trend that would be conducive to concentrating on studies. Notably, in the Balkan region, learners are still largely dependant on their families’ support during their studies. Linking education solely to the labour market’s current needs is on the rise, and severely harms the multiple purposes of education for individuals and for the entire society.

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