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Secretariat and Internal Audit


The daily work of the Executive Committee (EC) is supported by a professional Secretariat based in Brussels. The contact details of the individual staff members can be found here:

Beate Espenes

Executive Assistant
  • (+32) 2 329 00 26

Maria Sierra

Project Manager
  • (+32) 2 329 00 27

Vanda Bajs

Project Officer
  • (+32) 2 329 00 27

Tiziana Fantucchio

Project Officer
  • (+32) 2 329 00 27

Maciej Rewucki

Communications Manager
  • (+32) 2 329 00 27

Marco Caragnano

Communications Intern
  • (+32) 2 329 00 27

Commission for Internal Auditing (CIA)

Furthermore, ESU has a Commission for Internal Auditing (CIA) which has the competency to act as a financial advisory body to the EC and the Board. The CIA can make recommendations and express opinion to the EC and BM on all financial matters. The CIA can assist the Secretariat and the EC in drawing up the budgets and all other relevant financial documents of ESU. The CIA and the EC are obligated to hold at least one financial workshop for Board members per calendar year. Furthermore, the CIA carries out the internal audit of ESU and presents it every board meeting. Besides the internal audit they will present an activity report on finances to all Board Meetings. You can contact the CIA by email: You can find the names and emails of the CIA members here:

Marius Deaconu

Lea Meister

Petra Laiti

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